Halka: Groupe Acrobatique de Tangier CIRCA 2016

CIRCa festival du cirque actuel (CIRCa) began in 1988 as a meeting of circus schools and, during the last 28 years, it has kept this purpose at its core. Today it is the foremost place to see the best work emerging from international circus schools, to catch new professional shows and to get an annual overview of contemporary circus work. The festival includes an industry programme of networking events and project presentations with a focus on developing potential and providing feedback to artists.

CIRCa presents approximately 35 shows per year. In 2016, it was attended by 250 programmers from over 15 countries.

Spotlight UK Circus at the 2017 festival will feature full length works by Pirates of the Carabina, Ockham’s Razor, Nikki & JD and Ellie Dubois. Pitches will be made by Extraordinary Bodies, José Triguero and Gemma Palomar, Levantes Dance Theatre, Max Calaf Sevé, Mimbre, Scarabeus Aerial Theatre and Upswing.

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