Ockham's Razor

Tipping Point by Ockham’s Razor.

Staged in the round, Tipping Point allows for an intimate connection between the artists and the audience who encircle them. With five metal poles, five performers create a compelling series of poetic phrases set against a backdrop of atmospheric shadows and hypnotic music. Tall and heavy, suspended from the ceiling or manipulated by the group, the poles become a giant seesaw, a tightrope to tip-toe across, a lever, a pendulum, an astonishing vertical climb and swinging obstacles. Clinging to this teetering world, the performers support each other as they wrestle with the moment when things begin to shift. This isn’t circus aiming for shock and awe, it’s more about a sense of wonder as the artists adjust their relationship to each other, space and gravity. Spellbinding!

‘a terrific show’ The Guardian ✭✭✭✭

‘playful and poetic – this is a class act’ The Times

‘a touching exploration of trust and betrayal, executed with a playful lightness of touch’ Financial Times

‘there’s something magical about Ockham’s Razor’ Evening Standard ✭✭✭✭

‘thrilling aerial theatre from the trailblazing Ockham’s Razor’ Metro

‘exhilarating to watch, both thrilling and nerve-racking – a spellbinding performance’ The Stage ✭✭✭✭

Tipping Point est un spectacle en circulaire où les artistes nous invitent à entrer dans un univers feutré et périlleux. À l’aide de cinq mâts en métal, cinq artistes créent une poésie qui se racontent au son d’une musique atmosphérique et dans une lumière tamisée. Qu’ils soient posés au sol, suspendus dans les airs ou manipulés par le groupe, les mâts deviennent des scies, un fil sur lequel on marche sur la pointe des pieds, un levier, un pendule ou bien un formidable mur d’escalade. Dans ce monde éternellement sur le point de basculer, les artistes se soutiennent les uns les autres dans leur lutte contre les éléments en perpétuels mouvements. La technique et l’artifice laissent la place à l’enchantement, fascinant!

From the partners

  • ‘Subcase is an annual showcase of contemporary circus presenting mostly Nordic work. It’s a perfect opportunity to rub shoulders in a more personal and intimate way with international presenters and Nordic circus artists, in order to find new markets and co-producers as well as to exchange knowledge and experiences. The attending presenters are mostly from Europe, US and Canada but also some from Asia and South America.’

    Kiki Muukkonen, Artistic Programming Director Subcase
  • ‘As one of the UK’s leading contemporary circus companies, celebrating our 30th anniversary this year, we feel that we have an important role to play within the UK sector in inspiring, nurturing and facilitating the creation and circulation of great circus. NoFit State has always encouraged and supported the development of new talents at home and to now take fresh and exciting UK work into the world to international platforms is a seriously exciting prospect.’


    Tom Rack, Artistic Director NoFit State Circus
  • ‘Thanks to this collaboration between CIRCa, NoFit State Circus and Crying Out Loud, British circus will be present at the 30th edition of the CIRCa festival du cirque actuel, which showcases the upcoming circus trends every year in Auch. For the past 10 years, there has been an exceptional renewal of the art form in Europe. We are proud to present the best contemporary artists, those who speak the universal language of contemporary circus, whose work is not defined by borders.’

    Marc Fouilland, CIRCa Director
  • ‘Spotlight UK Circus is an excellent new opportunity for UK based circus artists to improve their financial resilience and develop professionally by performing their work overseas on new platforms. Crying Out Loud has been forging international partnerships for 14 years and is delighted to join forces with NoFit State and are hugely grateful to Arts Council England who initiated the International Showcasing fund.’

    Rachel Clare, Artistic Director Crying Out Loud

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